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It is well known to members or non members that Freemasonry is constituted by the three degrees of Craft or Blue Lodge Freemasonry, the Entered Apprentice, the Fellow Craft and the Master Mason.

Over the years, and without being able to point exactly when, Freemasonry developed what is known as «degrees beyond the craft». Those degrees function as to give additional or more extensive perspectives of the three main degrees of Freemasonry.

In the International Brotherhood of Freemasonry, the Mark Man and Mark Master are degrees with exceptional meanings. The tradition of these degrees, takes us a few centuries ago, when construction workers, and under a special ceremony, received their own "Mark-Token". That Mark-Token functioned as a certificate and that form of certification enabled the construction workers to take on building projects as well as manage groups of construction workers.

Nowadays, Freemasons of the third degree have the opportunity to become communions of both the Mark Man and Mark Master degrees and receive additional «tools» to be used in their Masonic path, in philosophy, in social development and in their lives.

The "Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Greece and its Lodges Overseas" was inaugurated in 1993 by the "Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and its Districts and Lodges Overseas". In Greece, the Mark Lodges that function under its jurisdiction, have the right to confer the two Mark degrees.

The Order, under its 17th year of presence in Greece, continues to expand its memberships, its number of Lodges and also has strengthened its bonds of affiliation with many Grand Lodges over the world.

The Mark Lodges, under the jurisdiction of the "Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Greece and its Lodges Overseas", have their doors open to any regular Master Mason, who wishes to take a step further on his pursuit of knowledge.

February 2010

Alexandros-Ioannis Bassis
Grand Master

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