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Freemasonry in Finland and the evolution of
the Royal Ark Mariner Degree in this country

By MWBro. Antti Talvitie, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Finland
(the presentation was given in English language on June the 9th, 2016, in Greece during the Meeting of the Mariner Lodge APOLLONIUS TYANEUS No 10 - the file is in PDF format and includes the text in English and the transalation in Greek).


by the Consecrating Chaplain, RWBro. Dimitrios Mamas, holder of the High Rank, PGSW of the GLMMM of Greece and its Lodges Overseas, during the Consecration of the English Speaking Mariner Lodge AEGAEUS No 3 in Piraeus on November the 2nd, 2013 - the file in MS-Word format, ready-only and requires a password to open which is
the Password or Ancient Word of the degree in its English writing/pronunciation and in capital letterts.

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