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On Saturday, April the 8th, 2017, the Investiture Meeting of the «Grand Lodge of MMM of Finland» was held in Helsinki. Our GLMMM was represented by RW Bro. Dimitrios Kontesis, PGSW, who is also the Grand Representative of the «Grand Lodge of MMM of Finland» near our GLMMM.


On Saturday, February the 11th, 2017, the regular Meeting of the "Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Greece and its Lodges Overseas" was held in Athens. At this Meeting the Grand Master, MW Bro. Dionyssios Ithakissios, appointed and invested the Grand Officers for the period February 2017 - February 2018. The Meeting attended delegations from the following Countries: Egland, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, Estonia, Togo, and from the District GLMMM of Germany (under the English jurisdiction).

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