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G.M. adresses

Athens, 13 February 2016

Farewell address

Dear Brethren,

Six years! A journey of six years came to an end. It is time for a change … it is the point for a new beginning.

I thank all the Brethren who entrusted me the helm of this ship and who assisted me to add one more stone in constructing this building, the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, that started in 1993.

All together we achieved to increase our members by almost 35% and to consecrate three more Mark Lodges and two Lodges of the Royal Ark Mariners.

I thank the Brethren and Companions of other jurisdictions, with who we developed fraternal relations and friendship. And we will continue so.

Under the leadership of the New Grand Master we will continue all together our work, hopping that, one day, the Great Overseer of the Universe will allow us to finally put the Keystone in the place where it deserves to be.


The Grand Master
Alexandros-Ioannis Basis

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